Does your facility need a new athletic floor? Or does your existing floor need an update? Installing and refinishing athletic floors is one of our specialties. We can also update game lines and help you with customized logos.


Not many surfaces get as much wear as a gym floor. We’ll make sure your floor looks great again, with the best traction for your athletes, the proper markings for the sports you play, and your team logo. We also have extensive experience refinishing other types of performance flooring, including stages and dance floors. Whether your floors need a deep sanding and refinishing or a buffing and recoating, we can make them look like new again.

We offer top-of-the-line refinishing with an industry-leading dust containment system and waterborne finishes. These options are a more environmentally-friendly way to refinish your gym floor.


If you’re noticing a lot of chipping and peeling, along with cracking in the flooring, it’s time to get your gym floor professionally refinished. We will evaluate your floor and determine whether it needs some small repairs, or a full refinishing job.

It depends on the size of the gym and the condition of the floor. A floor that is badly worn, with a lot of cracking, will take longer to refinish than a floor with less wear and tear. The process generally takes a few weeks, but we won’t determine the time frame until we’ve looked at the floor. It’s best to plan to have the floor refinished when the gym isn’t used as much – if you’re a school, the summer months are a good choice.

Again, this will depend on several factors. A floor that sees a lot of use will need to be refinished more often than one that isn’t used as much. In any case it’s a good idea to refinish regularly so that your floor doesn’t sustain too much damage. If the proper maintenance coating schedule is followed, we recommend refinishing your gym floor every 7 to 10 years.

Use a dust mop on your gym floor regularly, and never use water or any oil-based treatments. Be sure to address any chipping or cracking immediately.